Blue house but not blue! Check this cozy 2-bedroom blue bungalow

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What makes you attracted with a house? Is it its style, design, or color?  

Some homeowners are fascinated with beautifying their house and employ many techniques that will make the house trendy and state-of-the art. Some also have a simple taste and would only want simple enhancements like combining paint colors to make a captivating facade like in this bungalow house that we are featuring today.

This two-bedroom house combines modern and contemporary designs.  It is elevated 6 steps higher fro the ground making it flood-proof.  This design is good in low places that are flood-prone.  The glass door and windows give its overall appearance a classy and modern look.


The combination of gray, blue and white paint color gives a calming effect.  This article says that in color psychology, gray is the color that represents peace and balance. It is calm and safe. It is practical, simple and reliable. It’s the classic. It is the perfect neutral.

The white color of the interior gives a bright and cheerful ambiance.  White is timeless and it is the color that you can easily combine with other colors.  The dark paint color used on the window frames and on the trimmings and other architectural features is a good contrast that breaks the dominance of white.


  • 2 bedrooms
  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining and kitchen
  • toilet
  • Budget: USD 35,000 for or Php 1.8M for a rough but livable state to USD 50,000 or Php 2.5M for a 100% completion stage

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