Cozy And Modern Open Living Room Design Ideas

Open Living Room
Using matching colors and styles can make your open living room looking modern and cozy.
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For people who want an inviting space, one of the best ideas is to have an open living room concept. The critical features that many living rooms have is to maintain an atmosphere that is cozy and inviting to the family and the guests.

Making a large and open space to feel and look intimate is not as difficult as you think it is. Having a well-positioned piece of furniture along with a focal point in the open living room concept, like a coffee table, for example, is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Open Living Room Ideas

If you want to take the open concept to your home and make your living room look and feel cozy, check out this list and apply these ideas to your own living area.

Interesting Shelf

A smart choice to make a contemporary living room is to add a minimalist wooden grid bookshelf. Fill it with vases, books, and plants.

Fluffy Piece

Using a thick, taffy fabric is a nifty way to make your open living room feel comfortable and playful at the same time.

Cool Colors

Blue hues, pastels, and light gray monotones are great color combinations that create a cool ambiance.


This living room is designed to show how big of an effect natural daylighting can give to any space.

Reflect It

A large imposing stone chimney can be made less by hanging mirrors to reflect the room.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant or hanging lights are the perfect solutions if the ceiling is too high and using pin lights are not feasible.

Day Beds

Using day beds or chaise lounges are great seating choices for living rooms if armchairs or lounge chairs are too plain for you.

Matching Artwork

When you are picking out which art pieces to display in your living rooms, make sure that they go well with the rest of the space.

Clean Interiors

Clean, modern, and white interiors are easy to pull off. They also give drastic effects on the whole ambiance fo the living room.

Open Up

A smart way to flexibly increase the floor space of the room if there are gathers or parties in the house is by sandwiching the living room between two outdoor decks.


Which do you think of these open living room design ideas? Which do you think is the best one for your open living room?

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