For Those On A Budget: Elegant 3-Bedroom Single Storey House

Single Storey House
This single storey house may be small but it has all the rooms that the family needs.
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Deciding to have a brand new home is a major move. A house is considered a significant investment that will cost you hundreds of thousands of pesos. If you are committed to building your own home from scratch but you have a limited budget, you can still have your own home by building a single storey house.

A single storey house is affordable. It also offers more flexibility as it can combine spaces that serve multiple functions.

The house plan for today is a modern single storey house. It has a simple yet elegant exterior feature. Even if it is smaller in size, this house has three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, a living room, a dining hall, and a kitchen.

The house is also elevated from the ground. Even if there are natural disasters such as flood in the area, the occupants, the appliances, and the furniture are all safe.

Here’s the floor plan of this single storey house:

The vaulted ceiling and glass windows add a spacious feel to the whole house. It also has a sit out area in front of the house. By placing some chairs and a small table here, you can use this space as a relaxation area or a breakfast nook.

From the main entrance, you will immediately see the living room on the left and the first bedroom on the right. You have the option to combine the living room and the dining hall or place the dining area in the kitchen or at the middle of the house.

There are two common bathrooms on the right and the kitchen area on the left. The kitchen has an access to the service area at the back. This service area can be converted into a dirty kitchen or a laundry space.

The two other bedrooms are located at the far back. All three bedrooms have similar sizes. If you want a bigger Master’s Bedroom, you can remove the wall between the two rooms.

Overall, this single storey house may look small but it has all the rooms that the family needs to live in comfort.

How about you? Which one would you choose: A single storey house or a home with multiple floors?

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  1. Can I get a full set of plans for this house? and your price for these plans. My email is: cadetteaug@

  2. Hello, how are you? I really like this house. Please if you can send me all the plans. I’m trying to build my Mom house, so help me.

  3. Can you please send me the full plan for this house? I want to build a house for my mother and my younger siblings. Thank You

  4. Can I get a full plan of this house and the prices I like that nice building and I would like to constract for our family.

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