How To Make Floating Kitchen Shelves Work For Your Home

How To Make Floating Kitchen Shelves
How to make floating kitchen shelves work for your home?
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Do you know how to make floating kitchen shelves for your overstocked kitchen?

During the recent years, shelves are coming out of the closet and making a name in the design world. From being associated as storage solutions that are hidden behind closed doors, open shelves are now being used as organizational pieces, especially in a home with lesser space or storage nooks.

Floating shelves are a sleek and contemporary solution to dress up a blank wall. They add a little storage or display space, making it perfect pieces for smaller spaced homes.

One of the fundamentals in decorating a home is to manage to create a perfect storage space where you can display your decorative figures, display your books, and store your framed photos. Decorative floating shelves are perfect for any homes as they are designed to appear as if they are attached to the wall.

Floating wall shelves can be used in different ways such as:

  • Display framed photos
  • Hold flower vases or candle arrangements
  • Create a color-unified collection
  • Hang up a stacked group for a more organized storage
  • Clear clutter
  • Replace nightstands in a smaller bedroom

How to Make Floating Kitchen Shelves Work For Your Home

If you think that your kitchen space is too crowded and you cannot easily find the things that you need to find, using floating kitchen shelves is the perfect solution for you. Floating kitchen shelves can open up your kitchen and create a highly functional, more organized and neater interior.

Cupboards can take up a lot of space and these shelves can clear the cluttered ambiance. Floating kitchen shelves are affordable and easy to install. They appear to jut out of a wall in a modern and minimalist way.

You can store your spices, display your cutleries or line up your silver and glass wares when not in use. This is to avoid the clutter, especially in a busy space like the kitchen in your home.

These floating shelves can provide your interior with a sleek and organized appearance. They can also help decorate the place while enhancing the aesthetics of the interior.

Here are some floating kitchen shelves design ideas you can incorporate in your homes:

Tips on How to Make Floating Kitchen Shelves

  • Add multiple floating shelves in your kitchen to display your pottery, dishwater or other cookware.
  • Use a finish that contrasts your cabinets. This will break up the space and create a beautiful mix of finishes. If your wall is black, try using shelves in colors black, red or gold.
  • If you are planning to display your plates, find a shelf with a ledge or a lip so the plates will not slide off.
  • Floating kitchen shelves are practical but don’t forget to use the undersides too! Hang mugs, pans or kitchen tools underneath to use every drop of storage.

Are you inspired to use floating kitchen shelves in your homes now? Show us the photos of your DIY project too!

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