Large Picture Windows: Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Kitchen

Large Picture Windows
Installing large picture windows make the place look brighter.
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Large picture windows, also known as floor-to-ceiling windows, are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. These windows allow natural light to come inside the house all day long.

These large picture windows boost the luminosity of any interior. They can be used in any houses, not only for those with ocean or mountain view. These windows enhance the appearance of your home and complement the other windows.

Installing these large picture windows depends on the room, the overall architecture of your home, and the direction the exterior walls face.

If you are planning to have large picture windows in your kitchen but you don’t know where to start, we got you covered. Here are ideas for you to choose.

Large Picture Windows For Your Kitchen

Large picture windows offer a great experience to the occupants. They are both aesthetic and functional.

Explore the gallery below to see which large picture window ideas best fit your needs. These designs have one thing in common: Light plays an essential role.

Tips When Installing A Large Picture Window In Your House

Don’t know where to place the window? A large window in front of the sink can make your working area bright and sunny. Since a lot of classic kitchen feels compact and cluttered, placing the large picture window in front of the sink also gives the impression that the room is airy.

When installing a window with the size of 3 feet or wider, you need to remove more than one wall stud. To avoid the ceiling from sagging while you are framing the window, create a temporary support.


Installing large picture windows in your kitchen does not only improve the appearance of the place — it also enhances the whole home. No one wants to make the room feel cluttered or dark and one of the simple ways to allow natural light is these large windows.

Which of these designs catches your attention? Do you have other designs in mind you want us to share? Let us know!

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