Maximize The Space: Three-Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

A lot of families will enjoy the bright, spacious, and open feel of this bungalow house design.
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When it comes to building a new home for the first time, building multiple stories may not be the first option that you will have in mind. However, if you want to maximize the potential investment as well as the liveable space of your lot, building a bungalow is promising, even for first time homeowners.

A bungalow is a one-storey layout that is a perfect fit for families with young children or elderly. A lot of families will enjoy the bright, spacious, and open feel of this bungalow house design. With the right layout in your house, everything will feel sunny and airy, supposed to other house plans that may feel too cramped and dim.

From the outside, you will immediately know and feel how spacious this bungalow is, starting with the 2-car garage. The exterior is painted in white, giving the house a clean facade, partner with green panel walls. It also has a tile-finished roofing in black and large glass windows surrounding the walls.

The layout of this bungalow is simple and straightforward. From the main entryway, you and your guest will appreciate the large living room. On the right side of the living room are the two bedrooms: a smaller room for the kids and the larger Master’s Bedroom complete with an en-suite bathroom with bathtub.

A few steps from the living room is the dining hall. The third bedroom and the common bathroom can be accessed from the dining area.

The kitchen is separated from the living space with a glass door. It has an open concept and has two doors: One directing you to the service area at the back and another one from the garage.

Check out the floor plan here:

Having a single-storey bungalow does not mean that you will sacrifice the available space for the family. This house plan has all the rooms that you need to live in comfort.

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