Modern Multi-Storey House Plan With Four Bedrooms And Seven Bathrooms

multi-storey house
The aim of this multi-storey house plan is to provide luxury and comfort for its occupants
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When it comes to building your dream house, if you have a bigger budget the use, the bigger is always the better. A bigger multi-storey house plan allows you to have more rooms and more space to move around.

This modern multi-storey house plan has a total of four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two kitchen, a dining area, a private living room, and a reception area, making it ideal for a big family or those who are looking for a vacation house. Not only does it give room for the residents, it also gives space for the household help as it comes with a Maid’s Quarter and a Driver’s Quarter.

Adding to the luxurious feel of this house is the provision for a pool and a pool deck. It also has an open terrace that can be used as a party venue or a relaxation spot for the family.

The exterior of the house is chic and modern. The walls are painted with a combination of white with wooden brick paneling. The front part of this multi-storey house is made with reinforced glass. It also has a 2-car garage on the ground floor area.

From the entry porch, the first room that you will see is the Foyer. The garage also provides access to the staircase which will lead you to the living area. The Storage Room and the Driver’s Quarter with attached toilet and bath are also situated on the ground floor.

The staircase will lead you to the main living area with balcony. The living room’s floor area is combined with the dining hall and the kitchen. There is also an auxiliary kitchen with attached bar and access to the living area at the back. The Maid’s Quarter with attached bathroom and laundry area are accessible by taking the service door.

To get to the first bedroom, which can also be used as a Guest Room, you need to pass through the pool area. The folding door from the kitchen and dining hall leads you to the pool.

All the other bedrooms are located on the top floor. There are two bedrooms, each coming with an attached toilet and bath and built-in cabinets.

The Master’s Bedroom provides luxury to the Masters of the house. It has a Master’s Bathroom, a Walk-in Closet, a sit out area, and a work table.

Source: Filbuild

Overall, the aim of this multi-storey house plan is to provide luxury and comfort for its occupants. Since it has a lot of bedrooms, it is ideal for a big family.

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