Modern Two-bedroom Bungalow with A Shed Roof

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Small is cute! Yes, it is! This applies to most things even in houses.  Small houses are energy saving because they have smaller space to cool or heat.  They are also easier to maintain and clean.  And because they have smaller space, you also have lesser space to decorate and paint. And, most importantly, cheaper to build!

So, let’s take a look at this small house with two bedrooms and see for yourself if this is the house that you are looking for.

The materials used make this house affordable to build.  Having no ornaments and less stylish when it comes to its design also saves the labor cost.  The shed roof is also more affordable than a gable roof or hip roof.  It is because you only use less steel trusses  for this type of roofing.

The clean straight lines seen in its facade just in front the main door adds architectural elements to the structure.  It makes the facade look more modern and simple.  The color combination of rustic, and black with white and off-white gives a cool and energetic mood.

The layout shows that the areas are located in great places.  The living room is spacious enough and can hold few more guests aside from the family members.  Since this is a petite house, the dining shares the space with the living room.  It has two toilets and a very spacious kitchen.

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