Modern, Villa-Style Single Storey House With Two Bedrooms

Single Storey House
This modern villa-style, single storey house has a simple yet fully-functional layout
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This modern style, single storey house has a simple yet fully-functional layout. It has two bedrooms, two toilet and baths, a dining area, a living room, and a kitchen.

Although it is small in size, the layout of this house is entered to provide enough shelter and comfort to the occupants. There are a lot of door-sized windows surrounding the house, allowing natural light and ventilation in the whole home.

This single storey house also has a spacious sit-out area, perfect to be used for family activities or when simply relaxing after a long day. It is also designed on a high platform, which prevents flood or water from entering the home.

Let’s take a look at the floor plan of this single storey house:

The floor plan of this home is very simple and straightforward. Upon entering the main door, you will immediately see the living area attached to the dining room.

The kitchen is spacious and is separated from the main living area by a door. The shared toilet and bath is just beside the cooking area. The kitchen also has an access to the backyard, which can be converted to a service area, a laundry area or an outdoor dirty kitchen.

There are also two bedrooms in this single storey house: A much bigger Master’s Bedroom with an en-suite toilet and bath as well as another bedroom beside the living room area.

This modern, single storey house is a decent size, especially if you prefer a much smaller home. This house has all the living spaces that you and your family needs.

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