One-storey Elevated House Concept with 2 Bedrooms

One-storey Elevated House Concept
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One-storey Elevated House Concept is a small house with 2 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath. Complete with other features a standard house, which includes; living, dining, kitchen and one-car garage.

Small house plans are very popular in a particular group of home seekers. Most of them are only average income earners and would prefer small house plans due to its affordability. Small house plans would range from 40 square meters to 200 square meters at least.

In this case, this One-storey Elevated House Concept has a total floor area of 68 square meters at least. The required lot for this concept to be in single detached, lot width should be at least 10 meters having 1.5 meters seback on both sides. The depth requirement for the lot would be 16 meters to have 2 meters setback at the front and 1.5 meters at the rear side of the lot.

Small as can be, this one-storey house concept has 2 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bath, living & dining, kitchen, garage and service area.

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