One-Storey House Design With 2 Bedrooms And 1 Bathroom

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Owning a house today is next to impossible specially when you area earning below average. House development and land developers offer several options in design, in size an payment terms. most of them, last for 20 to 30 years to pay, this would entails you to have a really stable job to finish paying the amortization with the agreed number of years.

While some would prefer to choose monthly amortization to acquire their future house, others choose to earned monthly or yearly and buy the house in full. but mostly they prefer only small floor area since they are cheaper than those relatively large floor area houses.

This One storey simple design with 2 bedrooms and total floor area of 97 square meters. it is design to be built as single stand alone house or single detached house. The floor area is elevated to approximately 300 mm or 2 steps. Designed to have an L-shape layout, the 3 sides was intended to be an open porch, space or patio where you can sit and relax, area to put set of table and chair and become an informal receiving area.

The roof is hipped roof style, where you can cover it by either long span galvanized iron roofing with tile effect or style or clay roof or Tegula roof tiles. An option to have steel trusses insted of would including the purlins at the roof. Roof need not require a gutter since the ground below is already concreted, avoiding damage to the landscape when there is heavy downpour coming from the roof. With wide doors on the twoo bedrooms and living room, you have the option to choose wood doors or aluminum sliding doors.

This house concept is really a work of art, due to its layout and design. With the two bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen and common toilet and bath which completes all the parts of a basic house. Also preferred to be used for resorts, this concept shows it versatility in terms of usage and occupancy.

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