Simply elegant bungalow with three bedrooms

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Today’s featured house is a of my personal favorites.  I like simple houses, the ones without too much decorations.  I love the clean look with only the design and the paint defining its beauty. This house was designed to have three bedrooms. With this design, you can use simple materials which means that its total cost is affordable.  

If your goal is to build just the stricture of the house without  furnishing, furniture and fixtures, a budget of USD 40,000 will make this house for you. But to be livable, you need to dole out another US$10,000 to spend for the installation of electricity, water system, and purchase of basic furniture like beds, chairs, tables, and some kitchen materials.

What makes this house look cool is the earth color used to paint its exterior, the cladding on the pillars, the balustrade on the stairs and the spacious veranda. The glass windows also add beauty to it. Aside from they allow natural light to penetrate inside the house even without opening them, they also offer ventilation when they are opened and they enhance the appearance of the house making it look more fancy and flashy.

The facade shows the garage, 6-step stairs going to the spacious porch, and the balcony of the front room.  The glass doors and windows add appeal to its design as well as the shed roof which complements the simple design of the house.

Actually, you can also have a roof deck for this design but that would mean additional costs. So, if you are not ready with that, better not consider it.


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