Sophisticated and Minimalist House With an Option For Roof Deck or Additional Bedroom

This sophisticated, minimalist house is modern looking fitting for a family of five.
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Over the years, minimalism has become popular as a design philosophy and a way of life. There are many minimalist house designs which are made with the concept of simplicity: simplicity in the form of space, materiality, color, and detail. Minimalist designs show restraint and pairing down the space to get a place of clarity.

If you want a clean, open space that allows you more room to breathe, this minimalist house design is for you. It has simple, honest detailing, and simple materials, making it appealing to the eyes. The space also gives a calm, warm, and beauty.

The area of this contemporary, minimalist house is 2,900 square feet. It is a two-floor house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms and an option for you to add a rooftop.

The house itself is built to perform a function: to create a living space for you and your family without any additional distractions getting in your way. The color concept is made simple: lots of crisp white walls and clean lines inside and outside the home. It also features plenty of windows around the house to let natural light in. The materials used are basic too. Concrete, wooden accents and doors and metal for texture.

From the house’s entrance, you can see immediately walk in the house’s living area, which is connected to the spacious open kitchen. There is also a door connecting the kitchen to the service area, which can be used as a dirty kitchen or the laundry area.

There is another guest room in the house, perfect for handling more visitors or it can also be converted as a family hall or movie room. One of the three bedrooms is situated on the ground floor along with a toilet and bath.

The first floor of this minimalist house is the leisure area. There are two bedrooms in the house, with the Master’s Bedroom connected to an overlooking terrace. Each bedroom also has their own separate toilet and baths.

Overall, this minimalist house is perfect for a family of five. With an option to add a roof deck or an extra room, it can cater a growing family.

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