That Simple but Sophisticated Exterior of a Double-storey Modern House Design

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When you pass by the highways or streets, you will notice that most houses that are erected these days embrace modern architecture.  They are very attractive and sophisticated though they look so simple and plain.

Hammond Historic District defines modernism in architecture is characterized by its emphasis on form over ornament; appreciation of materials and structure instead of idyllic revival constructions; and the adroit, methodical use of space.

Still, in this article, the major characteristics of a modern architecture are stated:

  • Clean lines lacking ornament
  • Emphasis on low, horizontal massing with horizontal planes and broad roof overhangs
  • Generous use of glass to allow natural light into open, flowing floor plans
  • Emphasis on well-defined, rectangular forms
  • Use of modern materials and systems like steel columns, exposed concrete block, stained concrete floors, column-free spaces, and radiant heating system
  • Innovative use of traditional materials like wood, brick, and stone in simplified ways that showcase their natural features and are installed in large smooth planes
  • A thoughtful relationship between the site and the building where interior space is planned to best compliment the surrounding natural environment



This modern house design features elegant appearance and structure. It displays a simple and yet sophisticated look  with its stylish windows and powerful structure.  It has exterior that stand out against other styles and with interior that exude an aura of cool and lavish living.

It has a total floor area of 77 square meters sitting on a 120 square meters lot.  IT has four bedrooms, three toilets with baths, a dining and a living room, a kitchen, a veranda, and a car port.


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