Two-Bedroom Single Story House With Full-Length Veranda

single story house
One of the key features of this single story house is the full-length veranda at the back.
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Back in the 1990s, single story house plans are very popular. A lot of families are getting these houses as they provide enough space for the family, without sacrificing their budget.

Recently, these single story house plans are resorting in popularity. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, from simple duplexes to luxurious estates.

All members of your family, from young kids to the elderlies can benefit from living in a single story house. Since this house doesn’t have a staircase, it is perfect for first-time homeowners who are living with children, those with mobility issues, and others who prefer not to use stairs. Plus, since you can easily access the whole exterior of the house, it is easier to maintain, decorating, and cleaning.

The house plan for today features a minimalist single story house. It has two bedrooms, a spacious living room, a dining hall, a kitchen, one bathroom, and a provision for a family hall.

This single story house plan is simple and straightforward. The exterior is painted in cream, with brick accent walls, giving the whole house a clean and minimalist facade. The roof is made of galvanized tiles in navy blue. Instead of the traditional wooden doors, this house uses sliding glass doors.

One of the key features of this home is the availability of a full-length veranda at the back of the house. This veranda is perfect for lounging around at the end of the day, an extended party venue or as an outdoor dining area.

From the main entrance, you will immediately see the spacious living room. The size of the reception area can accommodate a large number of guests.

Next to the living room is the dining hall and the open-concept kitchen. These areas are combined, to maximize the space and make it look bigger than usual. There is also a sliding door leading to the veranda at the back, which doubles as a lanai.

Just a few steps from the living room are the two bedrooms. These bedrooms are large enough to fit a queen bed, a makeup table, and a built-in closet. There is also a common bathroom that has a provision for a bathtub and lavatory.

Having a single story house does not always mean that you need to sacrifice the space for your family to live in comfort.

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