Stone Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard and Patio

If you want to give your backyard an exciting look, try these stone fire pit ideas.
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There are different ways on how you can make the outdoor living space of your home an enjoyable living space for the family. You could install a wood patio for a year-round enjoyment or a weekend barbecue venue. You may also spend some time by putting a backyard garden where you can get fresh vegetables for your culinary adventures. Or you could also do the ultimate! You could install a stone fire pit from these stone fire pit ideas in your backyard!

There are more and more things that you could do these days. It is great to have a wonderful fire to gather around especially during the nighttime hours in the summer! Plus, a stone fire pit can extend the life of your outdoor living spaces, making them more enjoyable as the weather gets cold or completely warmed up during spring.

If you are thinking about installing a fire pit in your backyard, you will surely love these stone fire pit ideas where you can get inspiration from!

Go Natural

If you want your stone fire pit to naturally blend in the surrounding, try something naturalistic like this. Surround it with granite and stones to give you the feeling as if you are in the middle of the forest.



This thin and square gas stone fire pit fits into the design of a contemporary patio. It is sleek and modern, adding up to a more comfortable and luxurious feel to the whole patio.

Tucked Away

If you have a limited space in your backyard, you can use up this idea of tucking it away against the side of your house. It is ideal for smaller spaces yet is still giving a comfortable feel to it.

Along the Patio

If you are working with a stone fire pit that is fuelled by gas, you can put this fire pit in the middle of your patio.

A Little Goes a Long Way

You don’t need to go big with your stone fire pit. A little goes a long way!

Low Profile

Keeping your stone fire pit on a patio with the whole outdoor living space gives it a wide and open vibe to it.

Fire and Water

If you want something that is relaxing, you may try and pair your stone fire pit with a water feature near your home.


Clean Look

This outdoor fire pit’s stonework is a bit more regimented than most are.

Modern and Clean

You will surely love the clean, modern, and sleek look of this backyard fire pit that sits on the edge of the patio. Complete it with two rocking chairs and you might be sitting here for hours.

Around the Table

Try unique stone fire pit ideas like this! If you want something uncommon, try combining the idea of a fire pit with an outdoor table like this.

Beside the Pool

This is a unique placement of the backyard fire pit: beside the pool. It is perfect for warming up after a quick dip in the pool.


There are many different stone fire pit ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard. When you are creating one, make sure that you are creating your own paradise!

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