Affordable 3-Bedroom Single Detached Home

single detached home
single detached home
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Single detached homes are more efficient when it comes to space. Compared with row houses which have a limited number of rooms per home, a single detached home provide more space for the occupants.

If you plan on expanding your home later, the best decision is to have a single detached home. Since you have more space to expand on, you can easily add more rooms to your home.

Our house plan for today is a simple single detached home that is the perfect size for your family. It has all the basic rooms that the family needs: A living room, a dining room, an open kitchen, three bedrooms, and three toilet and baths. Plus, it has a spacious balcony and a service area too.

Here’s the floor plan of this single detached home:

The layout of this home is simple and straightforward. There is a garage that can fit a family or city car. From the entryway, you will immediately see the living area. The living room extends to the dining room. There is a provision for you to add a door from the dining area to create a lanai.

A small hallway will lead you to the open kitchen and the first common toilet and bath. The kitchen is connected to the service area at the back of this single detached home. This service area can be made into a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

The staircase next to the living room will lead you to the bedrooms on the second floor. There are two smaller bedrooms for the other members of the family. The second toilet and bath is strategically located between the two rooms.

There is also a bigger Master’s Bedroom for the parents. This Master’s Bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and access to the balcony. All rooms have their own built-in cabinets too.

Do you think a single detached home is the perfect size for your family or would you prefer a much bigger house?
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  1. Just want to know if how much is the cost of this house to built and how much for the plan full package? thank you.

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