Bungalow with an Impressive Facade on a Raised Platform

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There are many ways to design a bungalow house.  If your area is wide, you can have all the beautiful designs to make your frontage impressive.  You can make your balcony or veranda look really stunning as the main attraction of your exterior or you can make your landscape attractive to catch attention.

This house is designed with an impressive frontage appearance.  The use of vertical and horizontal bars are a concept from modern architecture but it just alright to add a touch of modern design to this bungalow.  You can always become creative and resourceful in designing your homes.


The windows are also a design copied from modern architecture.  These windows make this house look simple but neat. The color combination of yellow and grey with white accent has meanings that only the homeowners know.  The choice of paint color always depends on the owners’ preferences, of course.

But in general, yellow is happy, relaxing, calm, and full of positive energy.  This is somehow what inspired this yellow paint and contrasted with grey for a more subdued look and avoid monotony of bright color.

Grey generally means calmness, security and protection. 

The posts in the facade do not only provide strong support for the structure but also serve as an attraction.  The grooves in the posts enhance their appearance.  The balustrade in the balcony coordinates with the lines and shapes that are a characteristic of  modern house.

The kitchen does not really need to be very spacious.  You just need enough space for cooking and for the other kitchen stuffs to be organized.  The kitchen cabinets provide a good storage for kitchen stuffs.  With them, you are assured that your stuffs are not scattered in any place.

This is how the back of the house looks.  The back door with the petite stairway gives a pleasant look for a back portion.  The extra space may be used for laundry or it may be converted to a small backyard garden.

This small space in this bath room is never a concern as long as the bath rooms serve their purpose then the space should never be a problem.

You can always decorate it with nice tile design or paint them with your preferred color to produce the effect and mood that you want to create for your bathroom.


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