Unconventional Three-bedroom Bungalow with Two Balconies

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Aside from the unconventional design that this house shows especially when we focused our attention to its floor plan, the presence of two balconies is one major feature that draws the attention of viewers. Is a balcony useful in this house and in every house? Why was this house built with two “large” balconies while in fact a balcony can just be a small elevated platform that is attached to a house?

A balcony is used as a relaxing place that connects  your home to the outdoors. Whether you just want to drink a cup of coffee in the early  morning or to sip a cool smoothie under a starlit sky, to just sit and stare at the garden, or even just to do some stretching and exercise, a balcony is a place for you to feel and be with nature.

To make full use and be more delighted with your balcony, you should be creative and resourceful to turn your balcony into an exhilarating place to enjoy nature and the sweet breeze.  


It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living hall, 1 kitchen, and of course, two large balconies! It has a total area of 179 square meters and it is quite spacious for a family of three or four.  The budget needed to construct this property is around 1.5-1.8 million pesos or $30,000-36,000.

The budget may increase or decrease depending on the kind of materials that you want to build this house with.


Another unique feature of this house is that it has a very large surroundings that maybe landscaped or where a potential gazebo cab be built.  

However, if you have a total lot area of 200 square meters, you can already build this house in it and with still extra space for gardening and space to move around. The hall is spectacularly large that it can be decorated with few nice stuffs or it may be designed with music room too or a mini library.

Whatever modifications or remodeling may be done to an existing structure.  It may need some extra budget to do that but the result is always rewarding especially if you can bring to life your ideas.

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