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No matter how famous the modern double storey house these days, the popularity of the bungalow never goes out of style.  Many home owners still prefer to buy a bungalow if they are given the choice to buy or to build one.

In one of our posts, we traced the origin of the world bungalow and we are reiterating today in case you missed out on that issue.  Bungalow comes from the Hindi word bangala meaning belonging to Bengal. In fact, bungalows were first built in India in the mid-nineteenth century by the British. Their intention was to design a ground level and easy to construct house for travelers.  Then as years pass by, modifications have been made to refine a bungalow. However, the term still remains to mean any single-floor house.

Son, in today’s issue, a modern contemporary bungalow with simple and yet classy design features a U-shaped form.  The four-step staircase on its frontage added an aesthetic appearance to the facade. It is quite large and is good for large families who prefer to have a whopping space for a living room as the living space occupies a total area of 98 square meters.

The house has complete areas.  There are three bedrooms, two  bathrooms, one living room, a kitchen, and  a living area of 98 square meters.  The budget is estimated at 2 million pesos or around US$ 50,000.  But then again, it still depends on what type of materials are used to built it.  That estimate may go higher or lesser.

The tiles of the floor in the kitchen match

The design of the bathroom is great.  The use of beige and white paint makes the interior of the bathroom look so bright and cheerful.  Others would want the bathroom to have a darker shade of tile color because this is what they prefer.  The choice of color always depends on the owner, anyway.

The tiles used on the flooring of the veranda is cool.  This kind of tiles are always preferred for the flooring because it is not sensitive to dirt.  It can also be easily washed with just soap and water and a little of mopping.


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