Two-Bedroom Single Story House With Lovely Architectural Design

one story house
Even if it’s a smaller house plan, there are two rooms in this one story house.
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If you are thinking or considering of buying a new home, it is always a great idea to narrow down your choices before deciding. For a lot of homeowners, a single story house offers the perfect opportunity for an open concept living and is ideal for both young and mature families.

Living in a single story house makes it easy to enjoy more downtime. Since you don’t have multiple levels to sweep, bathrooms to clean, and spaces to maintain, you can live in comfort without the added burden. It also offers a safer option for living as all of the rooms in the house are located on the same floor.

This single story house for today provides plenty of light and space as you eat, sleep, and relax on one level. It has a lovely architectural design with plenty of charms. The exterior of the house has a decorative detail complete with green paint finish. The columned stoops in front of the home give this house a curb appeal.

The house is slightly elevated from the ground, making it safe during natural disasters, especially flooding. It is also complete with a sit out area in front of the house, perfect for relaxation.

The layout of this single story house is simple and straightforward. Since it has an open concept, you can interchange some areas of the house. From the main entryway, you will see the living room. This recreational area is combined with the dining hall, giving the illusion that the space is bigger.

From the living room is the kitchen. There is also a door leading to the service area at the back of the house. The common bathroom is also accessible from the kitchen.

Even if it’s a smaller house plan, there are two rooms in this home: A smaller bedroom that can be used as a kid’s room and a larger Master’s Bedroom for the parents. Each room has enough space for a full-size bed, a built-in cabinet, and a study table. Between the two bedrooms is a hallway which can be converted to a family hall or an extended receiving area.

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