Spectacular Residence at the Peaks

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Have you ever imagined living in a luxury house equipped with all the amenities you need and deserve and located almost at the top of the world? This describes the house in feature in this issue. Its magnificence is something only the rich can imagine. But like they say, there is no harm in dreaming. By dreaming, we attract positive energy that makes us persistent to work hard to pursue our dreams.

This whole property in feature occupies a lot area of 510 sqm. with a floor area of 412.9 sqm. It exhibits a high ceiling in the living and dining spaces, which gives access to a wonderful view to the main living area below and a spectacular view of the horizon. Large glass windows allow the natural sunlight to penetrate through the draperies and opening them in the early morning will give way to the morning zephyr that gently touches your skin.


This breathtaking view from the top of the peak overlooking the vast ocean gives anyone an invigorating feel.  It is indeed an privilege to live in this kind of property.  The landscape and the design of the house are enough to inspire anyone who sees it.  Just viewing it from its pictures make everyone wonder in awe.  How much more if you come up close and personal with it? It is such a splendor!

The color combination of beige, off-white, and brown are perfect warming colors that exude an aura that is soothing, calming, and relaxing.  The meanings associated with these colors are warmth, coolness, serenity, and peace. 

Who says black and dark brown are boring for a kitchen? The combination of off-white with modern black kitchen cabinets and walls create a perfect face lift for the kitchen.  Black is contrasted with off-white stools and green plants to produce an aura of tranquility and serenity in the kitchen.  Black must be balanced with a neutral color off-white to make a smooth finish.

This bedroom design used grey and light brown as the focal feature that create a calming mood. The use of light brown in the head board  evokes a sense of strength and reliability, which is a requirement for every bed to enhance the sleeping and wellness of the persons who sleep and stay in the bedroom. Though sometimes it is often associated with feelings of isolation, brown reflects dependability, security and safety. 

Image Source: Filbuild

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