Living in a villa, the ultimate dream one can ever imagine

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What was your latest dream of luxury and lifestyle lately? Is living in a villa included in this dream? Living in a villa is perhaps one of the grandest dreams one could ever imagine.  Just think of that large and luxurious country residence that offers you all the amenities and lifestyle you often see in the movies and in Hollywood!

In this issue, we are featuring a one-storey villa model inspired by the Country House villa architecture.  It consists of a one-storey garden inspired by one you see in the rural areas. 

Villas offer a serene home that is away from the usual busy and noisy life that is often experienced in the cities and other urban areas.  It offer a simple and yet peaceful life where you can live freely from pollution and enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility.

It allows you to design your own spacious space the way you want.  You may set up your own coffee area in your balcony or veranda or put a gazebo where you can sit and relax, do yoga, listen to music, and even take a sweet nap!


The living room is designed with high quality industrial wood materials laminate which gives a perfect glossy effect on the materials.  Laminate gives an impression of durability and the gloss endures many years with just few maintenance.

The large window gives enough natural light to enter and this creates a relaxing mood rather than the bulb lights of fluorescent light eventually damages the skin.

This design of a living room really looks stunning.  It actually does not need many stuffs and decorations to make a place look elegant.  Just be creative and use simple decors.  It is the art that captures attention, not the decoration.

Although the dining area is not designed with large space, it is arranged neatly to accommodate a family of four members.

The table is built attached to the wall to allow for extra space to move around the dining area.  It is just alright to have this space in the dining because you will not be spending most of your time in the dining area anyway.  You just go there to eat.

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