Contemporary Bungalow with a Touch of Modern Architecture

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Looking at this bungalow shows a touch of both conventional house design and a little of modern architecture.  

The roofing and the pillars designed with bricks are suggestive of a conventional house design which we often see in most bungalows.  The horizontal bars that form the balustrade in the veranda that is built atop the house and the grooves in the left frontage indicate a touch of modern architecture. 

The overall facade is so impressive that anyone who passes by it gives it a second look and maybe inspired to make a house like it.

Having an open garage in front is a typical design of any traditional and contemporary house but this adds attraction to the house.  This kind of garage design saves space for a landscape or a small garden and patio.

This single floor house is designed for a lot with 114 square meters area.  It is a considerably enough area for a three-bedroom house with complete with other areas such as a gaarge, a dining hall, a kitchen, bathrooms, and even a small balcony or a veranda. 

This house which has a total area of 114 square meters is enough to include the following: a car porch, a sit out, one living room, a dining hall, three bedrooms, a toilet attached, one common toilet, and a kitchen.


This house is good for a family of three to four members.  When the kids are still small they can share rooms and make the other room for guests or convert it to a music room or a library or even a bar.  When the kids are growing or already grown ups the other room can just be converted back as a bedroom.

This type of house design may be remodeled to accommodate other rooms. If there is no more space since the total area may not be enough for expansion, the owners can always opt to have additional floors or storeys but with a necessary reinforcement of the foundation.

This plan may not be needed for the mean time and is not a concern yet but in case you are thinking of  expansion in the future, you can just contact your architect to do the necessary planning for you.

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