My Four-bedroom Bungalow Dream House

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When was the last time you dreamed about having your own home? Did you finally achieve that dream or are you still on the process of acquiring it? What does your dream house look like?

Buying or building your own home maybe a tough decision to make.  There are many factors to consider before finally acquiring this property.  First and foremost, the budget is always the first to consider.  Do you have enough budget for the kind of house that you want to buy or build? another important factor is location. Where do you want your house to be located?

Do you prefer in the urban area or you want to settle in the rural? Next to consider is the size and the type of house. Do you want it big or small? Do you want a single storey or a double storey?  All of these questions will be answered when initially you already have the budget to start with.

Among the three factors, the budget is still on the top of the list.  When you have the money, then everything will then just be easy.  Money talks, money decides, like they say.

Look at this beautiful bungalow house that we are featuring today.  Do you think this is your dream house or at least close to it? 

It has a total living space of 149 square meters.  It is kind of spacious because for  a bungalow house it really needs to have a spacious area for it to accommodate all the parts of a house in one single floor.

This house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one hall, a living room and a kitchen, and a spacious veranda located at the entrance. 

This bungalow is sitting on a raised platform which gives the stairs to have four steps to the veranda.  The veranda is enclosed with balustrade which does not only secure the place but also adds beauty to its appearance and the facade of the house.

Looking from its exterior you can say that the house is really a big one as you can also tell from its total space of 149 square meters.  This is why the living room occupies a large area of the house and the glass windows and glass door allow natural light to penetrate in the interior.


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