Contemporary House with Unique Design

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This may not be your first time to see a house design like this one that we are featuring on our post today.  It is a typical design with front elevation and a staircase, a lovely facade!

At first glance, you would mistake this as a bungalow a two-storey house because half of it looks like it is a double storey house but the other half is a single floor with front elevation.  This is a  house design called a 1.5 storey home which looks like it is as tall as a two-storey home, but the master bedroom and primary living spaces are usually located on the main floor while other bedrooms, storage rooms and/or guest rooms can be located upstairs.

The ceilings and roof of a one and a half storey house is sloped or slanting.

This kind of facade is attractive to anyone because the presence of the staircase in front and the veranda adds beauty to its frontage. The two big pillars at the entrance do not only provide support to the house but also serve as a beautiful ornament.

The open carport suggests an open space for storage or it may be used as a bigger space to accommodate visitors.  You just need to place a table with chairs there and you will have a nice place for a chit-chat or a coffee.

The kitchen design employs minimalism.  It uses the space strategically.  On one side, you can put your stove and above, you ca have built in hanging cabinets for storage.  The open is allotted for a dining area and you may choose to decorate t with some potted plants to be placed strategically on the corners.

To design a small bathroom is never a challenge these days especially if you have already learned the concept of minimalism as a design  and as a a way of life. The use of colors suggest minimalism as well.  It must only use one color of tiles for the flooring and maybe another color which maybe lighter or darker for its walls to show distinction.

Wide glass windows are always in for a house design because they offer natural light for the interior. With large windows, ventilation and lighting are not a problem.  


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