Live your Dream with this Expansive Four-bedroom Bungalow

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When was the last time you thought of your dream house? How does it look like? Is it a double-storey house or a single-storey? Well, no matter what your dream house is, we are here to help you out in deciding on what house to buy or build.

To give you more inspiration on what house to acquire depending on your budget, visit our website often and get some ideas that will guide you in finally choosing the kind of house to build.

In this post, we are featuring another bungalow as it is always requested by our readers.  This bungalow is quite expansive because it has four big bedrooms and a carport that can accommodate two cars.

The house is elevated six steps higher from ground level which makes it flood-free. Elevation is necessary in places that are flood prone.

The open carport may also serve as a receiving hall or veranda when there is a small gathering of the family and a number of guests are expected to come over.

Bungalows are quite easy to remodel if you think you need to change or modify soon.  If you have extra space in your lot, you can add extension rooms.  You may also want to expand vertically soon but that would need reinforcement of the foundation.  You can always talk to an architect for any remodeling or expansion that you may want to do soon.

The floor plan looks so neat and orderly. It has a spacious carport that can accommodate two cars, long and spacious hall for the living and dining areas, three bathrooms, a kitchen and an exit door.

If you like this design and would like to request for the floor plan, you may contact us by leaving your comment here.  Our architects will be very glad to have you assisted. We post different designs every day which you can use for your inspiration. You can browse through our other designs and contact us if you need further assistance.

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