Petite and Compact Two-bedroom Single-storey House Design

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Many times we hear people say that bigger things are better. But, hey, this is not always the case. These days, smaller is better when it comes to minimalism in interior design. Having a big house has a lot of benefits because you have more space to put your stuffs to, however, it is more expensive to maintain and oftentimes, there are areas that are left unused or unoccupied.

The concept of minimalism in interior designing and house design became popular these days. Pufik  wrote that minimalism is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two basic colors. It is extremely important in such design to correctly divide the space. Minimalist interiors are usually compact, black or gray, and have a strict geometric shape.

This single-storey house embraces minimalism in house design.  It is designed with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  One bedroom is considered the master bedroom because it has an attached bathroom.  The hall is shared by the living and dining areas, a typical strategy in minimalism.

If you want to achieve minimalism, you only need to put functional appliances and furniture and get rid of unnecessary ones.

This is ideal for a newly wed couple.  You don’t actually need a very large living space. As long as the house is livable and it has all the facilities you need, then it is more than good.  If your lot is big enough, you can have extension of your house soon.

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  1. I like the design but I would want to make some few adjustment in my own floor plan which are;I hope it has kitchen and dining and the garage should be a stir way parting the two apartments because I will like to have another at the side then you can have 4 bedrooms apartments with one master bedroom designed at the top taking the stir way in between… I hope the architect get this!

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