Spectacular Five-bedroom Bungalow with Carport that can Accommodate Four Cars

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In many of our posts here and in our other websites (you can find their links below), we have defined and described what a bungalow is.  A bungalow is a type of dwelling that usually has one or one and a half floors.

Indeed, the traditional meaning of bungalow is a one- or one-and-a-half-story free-standing home. All the rooms and facilities are located in just one floor.  If it is a one and a half floor, the bedrooms are located in the half floor while the living room, kitchen, and dining area are located in the main floor. 


The house is raised from the ground showing its posts.  You can also modify it by concealing the posts by cementing it to the ground, add more windows or make them larger or use another color to paint it.  You can always be flexible and design and arrange your house according to your own taste.

Since this bungalow was designed with modern architecture, it shows very simple design.  Modern houses don’t have lavish design and decorations. They are only designed with lines, mostly rectangular shapes seen in their windows.

Bungalows are known to have a central, typically large living area with the rest of the rooms adjacent to the living space like in this bungalow that is featured today. 

Looking at the floor plan, this bungalow is really huge having five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious hall, and a carport that can accommodate four cars! Wow!

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