Cute Bungalow with Three Bedrooms

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What are your preferences in buying or building a house? Do you like it big? Or do you like it small and cute?
Well, the kind of house you will live in actually depends on your requirements.  If you are only looking for a place to stay with all the things that you need in a house, then perhaps, a simple bungalow is all you need. 
Consider this bungalow that we are featuring in this issue. It is not really a big house but its overall appearance is cute and something that you will fall in love with.
The facade and the sides of the house project a mood that is cool and relaxing to the eyes.  This house combines two colors of white and peach.  The presence of peach in the appearance project a very positive and cool ambiance that attracts the attention of anyone that sees it.  This is the power of the choice of color that you will paint your exterior.

There is a narrow balcony on the entrance, typical of any bungalow house and this is just perfect because it does not only add to the beauty of the facade but also has a functional aspect.  A coffee table with chairs may be placed in one corner.  It may be enclosed with banisters, too, to secure it and to make it stand out and more appealing.

The space on the backyard may be used for many purposes.  It can be used as a wash area and laundry hangers may be installed for hanging clothes to dry. A portion of it may also be used for storage while a mini garden may also be good where plants can be just placed in big pots and placed in strategic places to make a small garden.

This house has a total area of 85 square meters.  It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one hall, a living room, a dining and a kitchen, and the spacious area in front of the house may be used for a car parking as well. 

The bathroom though it is small really looks cool and amazing.  The tiles and the stuffs that you put will make your bathroom look attractive despite its size.


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