That Spectacular and Supersize Contemporary Bungalow

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One of the biggest dreams one can have is perhaps buying his or her own house or building one.  It is one of the major accomplishments one can ever have his or her entire life. However, this is one of the most difficult to achieve unless you are born with a golden spoon and acquiring this property does not entail a struggle for you.

Eventually having your own house requires many things to consider like budget, location, lifestyle, and the house design that meet your requirements.  Given the limited budget, it is quite difficult to acquire a property at its best.  You always have to match your budget with the kind of house you will buy or build.

If you are a small family, you can always opt for a simple three-bedroom house but a larger family needs a larger space, of course.

Check out this contemporary bungalow that we are featuring in this issue today. It is quite huge and pricey if you are considering to buy it on its current status, finished and livable.

The good thing is, you can always build your own, have this design and its size but you may choose not to finish the whole house all at once.  You can always do it little by little. For example on its Phase 1, you will just have to finish one bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Then all the rest will follow.  You can resume building it after a year when you already have the budget.  That is how wise home owners do.  Building and finishing a house always takes phases.  Every time ,you will come up with a good concept to remodel or style it anyway.

Since it is a huge house, every area is huge also.  The living room is very spacious and it can accommodate a number of visitors.  It is a good place to host a small party for friends and family.

This is the front view of the house.  It looks really so huge and by looking at it, considering that the price of everything has gone up, you will really think that building this kind of house costs you a lot of penny!

But like we suggested, you can always have phases in building it.  It will just be as nice!

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