Modern House, my Simple but Chic Abode

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The simplicity of the modern house design is what makes it very appealing to most prospective home owners who are looking for a property to buy or build.  Modern houses feature clean straight lines, basic shapes of square and rectangles, monochromatic color, and employing minimalism on adornments.

The house on feature today is just one of the many modern house designs that we have been featuring on our website.  But each of these designs has their own distinct quality that may not be present in the other designs that you already have seen. So, it is a good idea to be checking our website from time to time to see what is new.

This modern house is a single storey house plan that has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, one spacious living room, a dining hall with a kitchen, and a large terrace with an area of 30 square meters.

The straight vertical lines on the left side of the house are suggestive of modern architecture.  The paint color of grey and white employs the basic characteristic of it as having monochromatic color scheme. The grooves on the three pillars add beauty to them.  

This is a very ideal home for a couple who is just starting a family.  If you are looking for a comfortable abode, this single floor home is perfect for you.  You do not actually need a very lavish home if you have limited budget and if you are after a comfortable space to stay rather than looking for luxury.

Since this is a modern house, it does not showcase any lavish decoration on its frontage.  You can only see the imposing glass windows and glass door which play the major attraction here.

Installing large glass windows and a glass door is advisable for any house because this allows for more natural light to enter the house, and ventilation as well.

The two bedrooms have attached bathrooms and there is also one common bathroom just beside the kitchen.  You can always modify the layout if you want.

The living room occupies the largest space and this is ideal for receiving a number of guests though guests can also have a relaxing time in the spacious terrace.

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