Live In Comfort And Luxury With This Two Story Residential House Plan

two story residential house
This two story residential house is not only modern looking, it is luxurious from the inside out.
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When you are planning to buy or to build your future home, there are a number of things to consider. You need to thoroughly think about your budget, your lifestyle, and the land suitability when making the ultimate decision. But the ultimate question to ask yourself is: Should I get a one story home or a two story residential house?

Compared with a one story property, a two storey residential house is a bit more expensive, in terms of construction. However, it provides the occupants of the house more privacy as the bedrooms are separated from the living space. Since the floor space is bigger than a single level home, there are more rooms that can fit a larger family.

The modern house design for today is perfect for a medium to large family. It is a single detached home that consists of three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen with bar attachment, and a garage.

This two story residential house has a modern style theme that focuses on space, where every inch of space in the house has a value. The exterior is painted in cream, giving it a minimalist and clean facade. There are also brick accent walls around the house.

Instead of the traditional two story residential house layout, this home makes use of high ceiling and a modern staircase design that highlights the hallway leading to the bedrooms in the second floor and giving the home a luxurious vibe. Since there is a high ceiling, you can place contemporary light fixtures, chandeliers, and paintings on the walls.

Another unique feature of this two story residential house is its kitchen. The kitchen is spacious, with a lot of storage cabinets. But what makes it different from other house plans is the attached mini bar that separates the kitchen from the dining room. This mini bar can also be used as an extra dining or preparation table.

This two story residential house is not only modern looking, but it is also luxurious from the inside out. It does not only give the family enough space to move around, it lets you live in comfort.

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