Modern And Exciting Open Concept Kitchen Design Ideas

Open Concept Kitchen
An open concept kitchen does not need to look plain.
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The success of a home with an open concept has changed how design works. In the past, rooms of a house were designed in isolation — with walls or partition in between. However, in today’s world, the kitchen and the distinct elements that they have such as the appliances and pieces of furniture are part of the larger thematic tapestry of the home design.

The design elements where the kitchen successfully integrates with the rest of the home includes smaller items such as the similar window treatments and larger ones like the paint color. If your living room allows lots of natural light to flow through it and the kitchen has the same access to the same natural light, it needs to be a part of the design as well to maintain continuity.

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

If you want the open concept kitchen to be a part of the process of designing your kitchen, here are design ideas. These are great to start when considering how you will design your kitchen.

Comfortable and Light

If you have a lot of space to work and a window seat, you would love to have a white and bright kitchen. Using glass front cupboards let you show off the prettiest dishes that you have, with plenty of enclosed areas for other else.

Chic and Pretty

The print backsplash in this beautiful tiles in perfect with the counters and the feel of the white cabinets. It is paired with wood floors and marble islands.

Simple and Relaxed

The charm of this open kitchen is in its simplicity. It has an attached dining area as well as an eat-in nook to compliment the open feel of the space. The simple storage and clean lines with some display areas keep everything interesting.

Lacquer and Slate

The bold slate wall adorns this white and bright open concept kitchen. The clean lines with fresh pendant lighting and wood floor work beautifully to serve you and your family.

Dream Kitchen

If you are looking for a large beautiful kitchen, you have found it. Its extra large island with sink, separate pantry with glass front door, plenty of storage, and pot filler. The two glass front cabinets are perfect for displays.

Bold Statement

The color of this kitchen makes a bold statement. The green sofa in the sitting area perfectly contrasts with the pattern of the tile backsplash. The wood floor and the cabinets, as well as the gold lighting, create a fun, colorful space.

Art Deco

With the whimsical watercolor backslash and the contrasting floor tiles, this kitchen looks fun from top to bottom.

Island Centerpiece

Look at the size of this island — it is almost a kitchen by itself. It allows for plenty of seating for the guests, a computer space, tons of storage room, and even preparation spot!

Marble Design

The marble backsplash, island, and counters make this kitchen shine. Just add a little color, like the periwinkle dining chairs and the gold lighting, and it’s set to make guests envy.

White Gold

The white cabinetry with gold and copper hardware as well as a golden wood floor dresses this kitchen in style and modernity. The matching wood for the island brings everything all together.


Do you also like to use an open concept kitchen? Not only does it make the space look bigger and more maximized, it allows more room for the members of the family too.

Which do you think best fit your open concept kitchen?

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  1. I was immediately drawn to your example of an open-concept kitchen that utilized marble as its main material. The way this looks very sleek and easy to maintain can probably help us get what we want out of our kitchen a lot easier since we tend to cook there a lot more often nowadays. I’ll make sure I contact a remodeling contractor in the area that can assist me in getting a kitchen like this right away.

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