Perfect L-shaped House Plan with Spacious Balcony – A Practical Choice

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In this post, we are featuring an L-shaped house as many of our readers have requested us to show them a perspective of an L-shaped house.

Today, architects are inspired to present and recommend to their clients L-shaped house plans.  While this layout seemed less attractive to homeowners some few years ago, these days this design is emerging and becoming really popular.  The “L” design is so adaptable and it can be applicable to both large and small properties, and whether they are situated on flat ground, a corner or narrow lot, or a sloped site.    



The Plan Collection states that “L-shaped house can show the client a more expansive area to their property since a house designed specifically this way shows a bright, inviting floor plan. Also, if this was applied for a kitchen area, it would give a home a more natural feel while cooking through a refreshing view of the outdoors. This way, it can provide magnificent views of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts indoors.”

The architecture of a home is the aspect most home buyers consider. Architects have come up with many beautiful L-shaped house designs. Designing the home with an L-shaped design allows for a great outdoor view and a sufficient space for gardening


An L-shaped house gives abundant space for outdoors which you can actually transform into a garden and allows for a wider view of the nature outside.

L-shaped houses designed with big glass doors and windows add more access to light and nature and they facilitate ventilation. 

This L-shaped house was designed with an L-shaped balcony as well.  This may be your perfect place especially if you are looking for a place that offers you a large space outdoors. Here, you can have your dinner al freso.

You can invite your guests and have a party in the balcony or you may want to decorate it to resemble a lavish reception area for guests who will only come for a short visit.  It is good for coffee breaks or just for relaxation mood.

 This house sitting on a 133 square meters lot has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining area, and a spacious living room. 

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