Just another elongated house design, perfect for narrow lots

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So, you are planning to buy your house or building it.  Obviously,  you have your requirements and preferences for a house and you use these to hunt for the best house that matches your requirements. You want it to be stout and sitting in a perfect lot.  But how about if your requirements do not jibe with your budget and the available property is not close to your workplace? How about if the available property does not meet your preferences? What will you do?

Let’s say the available house is a narrow and elongated one? Would you take it? So, here is our guide for you when considering a narrow floor plan.

Houzz stated in their post that the simplicity, directness and beauty of a narrow floor plan makes it suitable for many building sites, and not only those on tight lots. Homeowners with narrow sites who feel constrained by tightness can embrace the narrow building plan, which offers advantages over stouter ones. 

Narrow buildings give access to natural light. Narrow layouts allows natural light to seep through the full depth of a space. Floor plans that are one room wide gather and distribute light very efficiently. 

Houzz explained that a width of 18 to 20 feet (give or take) is ideal, as it preserves a narrow proportion and allows for roughly 3 feet for walking space; 2 feet for built-in cabinetry, closets or shelving; and 13 to 15 feet for living space. Narrow plans ensure you’ll always be within a few feet of a window, natural light and fresh air.

This house is 17 meters long and 7 meters wide. It is quite narrow and elongated.  The challenge for architects and designers is how to make narrow floor plans look attractive to the occupants and to the onlookers as well.

Logically, the smaller the lot, the cheaper the price. If you buy a narrow lot, you can actually save your money for other things that you need or want.  Alternatively, buying a narrow lot with a much cheaper price than the perfect shape lot everyone wishes to buy means that you can save for the construction later and you can always be creative to make your design that is perfect for its size.

This is your chance to be creative.  The size and shape of your lot should not hinder you from designing it creatively. Bigger isn’t always better.  You can maximize your block and build a double-storey house if you need to. 

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