Minimalist Three-bedroom House

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Minimalist house design is very popular right now. A minimalist house gives you degree of flexibility and a lot of space for your interior designing. But does the concept of minimalism also apply to the overall design of the house as to its size? Is minimalism the same as downsizing? How would you create a minimalist house design? 

Minimalism actually applies to interior designing but since your house is petite then it calls for minimalist interior designing.

Overblog posted that the term “minimalism” first appeared in the middle of 1960s of the 20th century and mainly was used to describe sculptures of Robert Morris and Donald Judd. Since then the meaning of this word widened and now it’s used in different spheres – from fashion and music to design and architecture.

It explains further that minimalism in design is becoming more and more popular. Unlike other tendencies when strict and cold motifs were more preferable, today the accent is made on softer and live variants of this style. Fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and pastel shades. Although, lately there appeared softer shapes, more colors and textures.

You can see from the exterior of this house that it is petite and does not have vast amount of space that surrounds it.  In other words, the  house is fitted on the size of the lot, which is apparently just a small lot

So, the challenge for architects and interior designers is how to make the floor plan of this house and how to design its interior later.

Like you can see, the different parts of the house is fitted in the 52 square meters floor area. The lot is 120 square meters large.  In minimalist interiors like this, some parts of the house need to adjust their sizes to give more space for the bedrooms.  

This house has three bedrooms, a small living room that is shared with the dining area and also has one bathroom and a kitchen.

For beginners, this kind of home is very ideal because it is easy to maintain and it does not actually require big budget to furnish it because it is just small.

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