Gorgeous Contemporary Bungalow with a Detached Cottage

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This huge and modern contemporary bungalow was designed uniquely especially its roof. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room and dining area, a kitchen, a carport, and an elevated entrance.

It is a one-story home but its size is for a large family. It has an elevated floor which is advisable for houses that are built in a flood-prone areas. Elevated houses have an advantage over houses laid on the ground.  The flooring and the furnishings are secured from the flood if ever it comes. 

The house uses simple yet modern features like glass, bricks, cement, iron and steel, and galvanized iron for the roofing. 


You may notice that there is a separate building beside the house that looks exactly similar with the larger one. At first, you may mistake this one as another bungalow but this is actually the detached cottage which is a part of the house, a very unique feature of this house. 


There is a dedicated carport which is two steps lower than the inside flooring. The beauty is enhanced with the trimmings of the windows and the grooves on the posts as well as the pastel color that was used to paint the bulk of the house. 

The interior is beautifully designed including the doors.  The paint color of white gives the interior a very clean and tidy look which is more enhanced by the lights and the ceiling.

This is how the detached room and veranda looks like.  It is actually a cottage built beside the bigger house.  This may be a separate room you can transform into a music room. a library, a guest room, or you can even share it with transients and you will earn money!

This is the kitchen.  I is neatly arranged and designed. The cabinets look great especially if they are stainless steel. Steel cabinet is preferred than wood cabinet in the kitchen because the are is often wet.  Steel is more durable than wood especially if it is always being wet.

The bathroom looks so comfy and cozy with the choice of tile color.  Off-white really works well with bathrooms especially if it is accentuated with dark color like black or dark brown like he one on the flooring here.


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