Three-bedroom Contemporary One-storey Home

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Like we always mention here in our website, a one-storey or single floor plans have ageless appeal – never goes outmoded. They are always preferred by almost everybody regardless of age or gender and economic status.  Their popularity makes them always the number one choice of those who are planning to buy a house or those planning to build one.

One-storey home is very useful not only for the elderly and the children but for everyone. The lack of stairs to climb is one factor why single floor plans are always preferred. All the living spaces and bedrooms are built at ground level and accessibility of all the other areas comes easy. 

The appeal of one-storey home plans extends beyond its convenience and accessibility.  Their floor plans are open and extensive making use of all available space, which you can always design according toy our own styles. You can have simple to luxurious one-storey home designs as you wish. 

Check this stunning one-storey house that we are featuring today.

This is a contemporary one-storey house plan though it uses most of modern architectural designs such as lines that are apparent on its frontage.  The balustrade and the pillars are all features of modern design.

The big post designed with grooves adds more appeal to the facade of this house.  It gives an impression of sturdy and strong foundation.  The paint color of dark brown for the posts and other architectural features is just fine.  Beige and white being the two main colors used exude a soothing ambiance.

The glass windows allow for natural light to seep inside the house.

The three-step stair is just perfect for elevation.  This serves as a platform for the house to prevent flood water from entering in case the location is prone to being flooded.

It has three bedrooms, one is the master bedroom being the largest among the three and has a bathroom of its own.  There is also a common bathroom for other members of the house and for visitors’ use.

There is a spacious living room and the dining area, sharing an open floor while the kitchen is separated.  Most home owners prefer to separate the kitchen like in this design because of the smell of the food that is being cooked.  If it is in an open floor, the smell may be transmitted to other parts of the house as well and it may leave an unpleasant odor to the atmosphere inside the house.


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