Simple Three-bedroom Bungalow Design

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Today we are featuring on our website one contemporary bungalow which does not really look that extraordinary but its simplicity is something that you would love especially for people who prefer simple designs and appearances.

The total area of the lot where this house is built is approximately 500 square meters.  It is quite huge as most bungalows are built on large compounds. However, we have also featured before some single house designs sitting on a lot of around 120 square meters and they are more than good.

Well, looking at this entire house from afar, it may not look as huge but the living space is approximately 165.9 square meters and that is pretty cool for a bungalow to accommodate all the areas you need for a house.


The design of the roof is nice.  It is simple but it matches the bulk of the house.  The choice of color is good as well.  This pastel color exudes an ambiance that is cool and relaxing.  The color is pleasant to the eyes and it generates positive energy unlike loud colors like bright yellow, red, dark blue and violet.

Stairs and balustrade also make the house look more appealing.  They add beauty to the entire appearance of the house. The tiles look great.

The living hall is spacious as you can obviously see in the picture here.  The interior looks so cool, roomy, and bright because of the presence of natural light that is projected by the large glass door and glass windows.

It is really nice to have big windows because this aids in the ventilation. When you need some fresh air, you just open your windows and then the fresh air will enter!

The total area of the floor plan is 165.9 square meters.  It has three bedrooms, to bathrooms, one hall and a kitchen, and a laundry area.  

To build a house like this, you may need around 1.6M in Philippine pesos or around US$30,000.  But then again, like we always remind you, this amount may increase or decrease depending on the kind of materials that you use to build it.

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