My Cottage Dream

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Are you familiar with a cottage? What comes first into your mind when you hear the word cottage? Maybe a small beach house? A house by the seashore that resembles a hut? Or let’s just say, a small house. 

Well, Homedit says that the word “cottage” is derived from the medieval word “cotter”, meaning a person living in a small home in exchange for working the surrounding farmland for the landlord. BY this definition, it often includes not only the house but the barn, outbuildings and anything else enclosed by the fence on the plot.

Then, the word has evolved overtime to mean a small house. Its use and meaning have different connotations in different places. While the cottages of Europe serve as dwellings, the cottages of America usually refer to a vacation home. 

The house that we are featuring today is a cottage-like house because of its small size of six meters by 13 meters long.  Though it may look like an elongated house because of its length, the fact that it is only 78 square meters makes it qualify for a small house and is often referred to as a cottage house by some home owners in America and Europe.

When you hear the word cottage, you would immediately think of a cozy one bedroom house by a river or a beach and you imagine yourself sitting on the veranda facing the ocean with your cup of coffee or sipping a coconut juice! Isn’t that just lovely?

Most cottage houses offer you that kind of ambiance. A cottage is one of the most comfy and charming house style to stay in. The way you decorate it depends on your preferences.  You could opt to make it appear like a beach house or make it look like any contemporary house that you have seen.

The size of 6 meters wide and 13 meters long is a good size for a small family.  It may be built with two bedrooms or three bedrooms.  Whatever it is, for a completely livable house, it must have a bathroom. This model house we have here has two bathrooms, one is attached to the biggest bedroom while the other one is a common bathroom.

It has a living room and a cozy kitchen and dining as well. Just looking at its floor design, how neat and clean it is planned, who would not want to live in a cottage-like house like this? It can be your cottage dream, right?

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  1. Very simple and nice plan I love to have one as my future house plan. But would prefer all the 3 bedrooms will have bathroom attached to them and a separate one as well.

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