Stunning Two-storey House with Four Bedrooms

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If you have a big family, bigger is always better! Indeed, you need a bigger space for a bigger family.  If you have, let’s say, seven kids and they are all grown up, that means that you need to have at least eight rooms to accommodate all of them with each having his or her own room! Wow! That is something!

However, there is a solution to that problem.  You can have two kids occupy one room. Just buy a double-deck bed for them to share. But if you have budget for an 8-room villa, then why not go for it? Yeah? Of course!

Let’s take a look at this very big two storey house with 4 bedrooms! If one bedroom is to be occupied by the parents, it means that the other 3 rooms are for the kids.  If you only have 3 kids, then it is good enough. But if you have more than 3, then you really need to house 2 kids in one room while they stay with you.

I have seen big families of 10 members – that means a family with 8 kids and that is how they manage to live. Female kids share rooms together while the male kids share rooms, too.

Product Specifications:

  • two-storey house
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2 living rooms
  • dining area and kitchen
  • garage
  • terrace
  • balcony
  • wash area

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Source: Roi Et House

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