Affordable one-bedroom design for 7 x 6 meters lot

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Hello there, our dear readers and followers! Lately we received comments and messages from you requesting for a simple and affordable design of a one-bedroom house. We sourced out one-bedroom designs for you and here is one of them.  I hope you will enjoy reading this post and we hope that this design will give you an idea to help you make the design of your cozy one-bedroom home. Please read on.

This house design is 7 meters long and 6 meters wide that will make up the 42 square meters total area.  It is a pretty cool size for a one bedroom bachelor’s pad or apartment but since yo are building it as your own, this would make a very cozy home for you. A bachelor’s pad is the term used for the home of a single or unmarried man. But the term has extended meaning and now means any living space that is used by any single individual seeking privacy and independence. 

So, a bachelor’s pad is built or acquired on a very limited budget but can be as extravagant as a luxury home depending on what amenities you put in it for your convenience. 

Obviously, this is a very cute design and if you have this as your property, I bet you would love to just stay at home and work from home. Let’s go check its details below.

Product details:

  • one-storey house
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • porch
  • Budget: USD 10,000-20,000 or Php 500,00-1.5M

This is the simple floor plan layout. The house opens to the bedroom on the left.  However, you can also rearrange it If you want to put the living room near the door, you can do that as well and transfer the bedroom to the right.  It does not alter the exterior design.  

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Thank you Samphoas for this beautiful design.

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