Contemporary Single Storey House With Three Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

single storey house
This single storey house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen with minibar, a dining hall, and a service area.
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Moving to a place you can call your home may be one of the highlights of a person’s life. Finding the perfect house for your lifestyle, budget, and needs is another story. As a new homeowner, you need to take into consideration the price, the location, and the size of your house.

This modern single storey house design has three bedrooms and two toilet and baths. This house plan has a total floor area of 128.52 square meters and can be built in a lot with a minimum area of 16.60 by 16.00 meters. The house is slightly elevated from the ground and garage floor level, which is very efficient when it comes to natural disasters like flooding.

Although it is small in size, every inch of the available space of this single storey house can be utilized. Starting with the small porch in front of the house that protects the main entrance from rain and sunlight and also acts as a resting place during the morning or afternoon.

Instead of the traditional wooden door, this house design uses a glass sliding door. The first area that you will see upon entering this single storey house is the spacious living room. Across from the living room is the open concept kitchen with an attached mini bar. This mini bar has an island that you can use as a secondary dining area. A door can also be accessed from the kitchen that will lead you to the service area at the back.

Just a few steps away from the reception area is the dining hall and the three other bedrooms. The two bedrooms are equally-sized and comes with a built-in cabinet, a study table, an entertainment wall, and provisions for side tables. The common bathroom is strategically located in the middle of the house, making it easier for the occupants to access.

The Master’s Bedroom is located in front of the house. This room has a walk-in closet and an ensuite toilet and bath.

See the floor plan of this single storey house here:

Overall, this single storey house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen with minibar, a dining hall, and a service area.

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  1. Hi, I like your design and lay out of your floor plan. Could you give me the price of complete design of this house? Please provide me contact person. You can reach in my email provided. Regards.

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