Minimalist Four-Bedroom Two Storey House Design

two storey house
This two storey house has a clean and minimalist facade.
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Making a decision between getting a single or a two storey house is a complicated choice. Other than thinking about the budget that you will spend on the construction of the house itself, if you have more money to spare for your new home, a two storey home can be a better choice.

A two storey house has more space and more rooms where the family can move around. Since there are two levels in their home, the rooms are bigger and there is a more functional layout. Thanks to the additional floor, all the bedrooms can be placed upstairs, which provides more privacy for the family members.

This is what our two storey house plan for today can bring.

This two storey house has a clean and minimalist facade. The exterior walls are painted in white, with grey accent walls, giving it a serene and clean layout. The house is surrounded with large windows, to make sure that every nooks and corners are properly lighted and ventilated. A steel railing also surrounds the terrace on the second floor.

Upon entering on the main door, you will immediately see the spacious living room. There is a short hall separating the receiving area from the dining and the kitchen.

Since there is an available space between the kitchen and dining area, it can be made into a mini bar. The cooking area is separated from the living area with a sliding door. The walls have tile backsplash. It is spacious for cooking and food preparation. It also has access to the service area at the back.

On this floor, you can find the first bedroom. This room can be used as a guest room. There is also a common bathroom for the guests to use.

The first floor serves as the private area for the family members. There are three rooms on this floor: A bigger Master’s Bedroom and two smaller bedrooms for kids. The Master’s Bedroom has an attached toilet and bathroom. It also has access to the terrace.

What can you say about this house plan? Would you consider this two storey house as your future home?

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