Customize To Your Needs: Fully Functional Modern One Storey House

modern one storey house
This modern one storey house has a unique design.
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One of the choices that you will face when making your first house investment is whether you should invest your money in a one storey house or a two storey house. While a lot of families with children or living with elderly are more attracted to a modern one storey house, this house is considered a good investment as they are more comfortable compared with a two storey home.

When building a single storey house, you are not tied up to the design. Take this house plan for today as an example.

This modern one storey house has a unique design. The other parts of the house are elevated from the ground, making it look like it is a two storey home. It is designed to give the homeowners a chance to modify the area based on their needs, tastes, and wants.

The elevated basement is designed as a garage that can fit two family cars. It can also be converted into a bedroom if the owner wants.

Before reaching the main door, you need to climb a flight of stairs. From the main entryway, you will reach the spacious living room with high ceiling.

Just a few steps away from the living room area is the combined dining room and open-concept kitchen. The bathroom is also next to the dining and kitchen area for easy access.

The two bedrooms of this modern one storey house are on the elevated part or the half floor of the house. To reach these rooms, you need to climb the stairs. Additional bedrooms can also be made by converting the basement.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:

Although it is a small house, this modern one storey house is designed as a fully functional area, which is worthwhile for any investment. The spaces are divided into large areas and the availability of a basement that can be customised by the homeowners is a huge plus.

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