Four-bedroom Bungalow with Well-designed Facade

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Are you still thinking on what style or design your house would be? Is it difficult for you to decide? What makes it difficult for you to decide? Are you thinking of the budget?

For average salary earners, they might think that it is very difficult to think of a dream house. Sometimes, people will say their income prevents them to dream. They have this notion that when you don’t have high income, you cannot even dream of buying the best cellphone so how much more of a house? Your kind of life is dictated by your income.

For others who are optimistic, they say that they can also live like a “one day millionaire” – the so-called millionaire mentality. They do this when they have money. But you don’t need to be a millionaire or to have lots of money before you can dream of a house! You can dream now and start building it soon!


As long as you have a permanent job and not retiring soon, you can be qualified for a housing loan, which is made available and affordable to all by financing institutions. You just need to agree to their terms and conditions and be patien while your application is on process.

If you already have talked to you financial advisor, then you are ready to start conceptualizing your dream house. Let us help you by presenting plenty of house designs to choose from like this one that we are offering for you today.

The facade looks so impressive with its design.  The roof style is a combination of hip roof and pyramid roof.  These styles of roofing are perfect for a square and rectangular shape house.  Both hip roof and pyramid roof are built for adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow and wind. Because of their slopes on all side and the absence of a flat roof, this means that there is no flat surface to catch the rain and wind making them more resistant to these violent weather.

The the color combination makes its exterior very attractive.  Its huge glass windows add beauty to its appearance as well.

The floor plan shows there are four big bedrooms with one as the master bedroom having its own toilet and bath.  There is also a common toilet and bathroom and a very spacious living room that can also be used as the dining.

It doesn’t show that there is a kitchen but for designs like this, the kitchen is always found as a detached or separate building at the back of the building.

If you like this design and would like to request for the floor plan, you may contact us by leaving your comment here.  Our architects will be very glad to have you assisted. We post different designs every day which you can use for your inspiration. You can browse through our other designs and contact us if you need further assistance.

You may want to check our other websites as well.  You can click on the following hyperlinks and you will be redirected to the websites. There are many designs for you to choose from.  Each design has its own unique features where you may get ideas from to build your own. If you like the design, please don’t forget to share on your wall for others to see. Sit back and enjoy. Visit us again soon. Thank you!

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  1. Thanks sooooo much for this magnificent piece. However, I would like this plan but a bit modified with an exit,no shared toilet, no middle bed room with a back patio and kitchen. Same design and same measurements and same roofing. Thanks in advance . In English please

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