House Blueprint with Superb Exterior Render

House Blueprint
House Blueprint
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Simplicity is the key feature of this house blueprint, still showing a superb exterior look. Combination of neutral colors for the outside appearance together with bright accents makes this house noticeable.

Designed with elevated floor starting from the patio, this house is safe when flooding occurs. Patio is covered with galvanized iron roofing on steel rafters and purlins, simple assembly painted with black. Also provided with fixed sitting which also serves as guard rail for this area.

Roof is made simple, gable type roofing sloping in two directions. Doors and windows are made of powder coated aluminum sliding door and window, with green tinted glass.

Floor at the patio is rendered with rustic ceramic tiles, ceiling is gypsum board on metal furring.

Interior floor is finished with granite tiles, white color and walls area combination of white and dark grey to add more depth to the interior.

However big or small a house is, as long as all the features or amenities are included, it would still serve as a comfortable home for many. A house with family harmoniously living with each other is more important than the house itself. Feel free to use this as inspiration for those who are still dreaming to build their house.



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