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It is often told that your belongings are a reflection of your personality and so is your house.  Home owners design their homes according to their preferences which are often related to their favorite color, mood, characteristics, and ambitions. 

For some, their houses are their ultimate dreams and the luxury they are wanting to have and so designing them can be their ultimate passion, too. 

This house design that is featured on this season is an ultimate expression of luxury, splendor, and aristocracy.  It projects what kind of life the owners have. With its towering stature of three storeys, its lavish façade that is dominated by glass windows

The main attraction of this design is perhaps the zen-inspired pool that is located at the entrance just before the main door.  This pool is the first attraction that you will see upon setting foot on this property.

The color combination of paint of off-white against the chocolate brown window frames is a typical characteristic of a zen house which is the main theme in this design.

Zen is believed to be the way to enlightenment, a way of life.  From this thought, the philosophy of zen house designs including zen interior designing has come to inspire many house owners to take zen designing to a new level.

Zen design theory based around light. And, so, if you want to make your home a zen-inspired abode, you should make your windows relatively big and should be built with glass in order to reflect the natura light that seeps in.  

The ground floor was meticulously designed with every part of the house situated strategically to reflect harmony.  It opens to a very spacious living room that is shared with the dining area.  The whose set up of this home, especially, the proxmity of each part is obviously carefully planned by the architect or designer who made this.

Zen-inspired living room features any calming decor or any piece of furniture that projects a mood of tranquility, peace of mind and a feeling of completeness.  The main colors of zen philosophy are green, grey, cream, tan, and white.  These colors may be combined to complement each other and bring order and complacency to your hectic work plan.


Source: Filbuild



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