Single-storey House with a Spacious L-shape Veranda

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Hello, guys. Today we are featuring another bungalow design. You must have noticed that lately we had been featuring bungalows a lot.  This is due to the requests of our readers and followers who prefer a bungalow over multi-level house designs.

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The one we have here in this issue is a three-bedroom bungalow that is built mostly with less expensive materials like wood and no other sophisticated materials used.  If this is going to be your design and style, for sure you can save on the total cost.


The most appealing feature of this bungalow perhaps is its veranda, which took all the front area.  Verandas have heir origin. The Spruce wrote “a veranda is an open gallery, cloister, porch, or portico, sometimes partly enclosed, along the outside of a residential building. Verandas seem to have their modern roots in Australia where they first appeared in colonial buildings during the 1850s.”

The veranda  is where one sees nature outside his home.  Families often come out to get together in the veranda at night and enjoy a dinner al fresco. 

This bungalow house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room. a kitchen and the dining area sharing an open space together, and a spacious L-shape veranda where you can enjoy the beauty of the world outside.

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